Wild! Long Range Shooting Like You’ve NEVER Seen Before! .22 caliber at 300 yards at an EGG! This could be a World Record – Kirsten attempts to shoot a crazy TINY target at ranges longer than traditional shooting distances, in the STANDING position (offhand shooting)!

The target is very tiny and extreme perfection and precision is needed for this shot. The target is so small it can not even be seen with the naked eye, and barely even with a scope! Watch closely and you will see the dust clouds hit the FAR mountain in the distance as Kirsten Joy Weiss attempts this incredibly difficult trick shot – More like performance shooting! ( Extreme Marksmanship )

Also, pay attention for some great long range shooting tips in this episode as well. Always more to learn and more to challenge ourselves with in the fun, challenge, and joy of shooting!

Long Range Shooting Trick Shot, marksman trick shots, 300 yard egg